Will SSIS die?

Well, this is a hard question and, in my opinion, SSIS seems that is going that way. At least the current experience it provides will definitely die and let me explain why. SSIS and SSAS As I said in a post before, SSAS multidimensional is dead! I mean, not exactly dead, but in the death […]

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One more data layer please

During my career, there is one thing that always kept my attention. I saw so many very different data environments. What do I mean by this? The most common architecture I see applied to a Business Intelligence project involves a staging layer and then the data warehouse layer. One layer to drop all that was […]

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Goodbye SSAS Multidimensional

With the release of the SSAS Tabular version, Microsoft started the retirement process of the good old SSAS Multidimensional. The facts are there! “Where?!” You may ask. In the release notes that Microsoft made available to the public, every new version of SQL Server got fewer and fewer “new things” for the Multidimensional resulting in […]

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Power Tools for Power Work

As a BI professional, I have a set of tools that I require to have installed on my computer in order to do my work properly. It can be mandatory tools because I work with Microsoft BI stack or others because I feel they are really useful for some specific task while developing, debugging or […]

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