+1 Year

Damn! 1 Year passed by and I still haven’t updated my website. Even have a draft from April 2015 where I stated what kind of knowledge would try to pass but time has passed and the website wasn’t updated. For many too many times I thought that was time to write but eventually the will […]

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New era, New posts

After a few months without posting, here I am posting about new posts that are coming. I decided to stop posting because I needed to think about the future of the website. What could I possible post that would make me feel comfortable to write here. What could I say that would be relevant for […]

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Behold the ROInf

After reading a White Paper from HP about Big Data, I decided to write something about it. The most important lesson that we may learn from this paper, it’s about the ROInf: Return on Information (I will be using ROInf in this article so that we don’t make a confusion with ROI-Return On Investment). Let’s […]

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Born to be a Data Star

The amazing new world is coming and we have to start thinking about it. I read this article about the new generation of “world stars”. Data analysis is on the loop and opportunities are being created. It’s interesting that according to “A study by the Royal Academy of Engineering shows that British industry will need 1.25 million new […]

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Show me your Big Data

Recently I read a really good article about Big Data (http://www.wired.com/insights/2013/07/10-ways-to-use-big-data-to-get-to-know-your-customers-better/) where I could see some nice advices about gathering data and using it. The advices were: Treat Your Network Traffic as a ‘Gold Mine’ Don’t Always Assume You Know What Your Customer Wants or Needs Capture Everything to Avoid Blind Spots Focus on Quality […]

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