Power journey

This is a recognition post to Microsoft and a thank you because finally provided Microsoft Business Intelligence Professionals with the right tools to actually do our work. When I started my career as a BI professional, my specialization was in Microsoft technology. This was due to a simple reason: SQL server is an affordable, reliable […]

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Update time

  What have I been doing until now? Excel – using a lot of Excel’s features, especially the Power components (Query and Pivot). It’s amazing and I love it even though there are, in my opinion, a lot to improve these components. DAX – building data models using PowerPivot so it’s very obvious that I […]

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Behold the ROInf

After reading a White Paper from HP about Big Data, I decided to write something about it. The most important lesson that we may learn from this paper, it’s about the ROInf: Return on Information (I will be using ROInf in this article so that we don’t make a confusion with ROI-Return On Investment). Let’s […]

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Born to be a Data Star

The amazing new world is coming and we have to start thinking about it. I read this article about the new generation of “world stars”. Data analysis is on the loop and opportunities are being created. It’s interesting that according to “A study by the Royal Academy of Engineering shows that British industry will need 1.25 million new […]

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