The BI Journey – the road to success

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Recently I’ve been thinking about how I could share some of my knowledge with readers about BI topics and came out with this idea of talking about the journey of a BI developer as he lands in a new job.

It’s not a new concept and, in fact, I based my idea on “The Journey” mode from FIFA and I hope that the story can be quite interesting as the one from Alex Hunter.

The company

Wide World Importers

I chose this company because everybody is still talking about Adventure Works and I wanted to be different. Furthermore, information can be found on the official website and all the material can be found in this GitHub repository.

The characters

Mike, the Boss

The company leader and the source of all requirements that the brave developer will face. 

John, the Hero

The main character of this set of posts. He is the hero of the company as he enables business users to make smarter choices with the data he provides.

The tools

Wide World Importers works with BI Microsoft tools and Microsoft Office, therefore, we can expect John to work with Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, Excel and Power BI in his journey.

The goal

The main objective for these posts is to present solutions for real challenges that I faced. Perhaps it can be useful for anyone that is facing the same challenges. 

I don’t know everything, therefore, some content that will be shown here may not be the best in terms of design or performance. I invite everybody to use the comment section and we can start a conversation from there.