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“Quem não sente a ânsia de ser mais, não chegará a ser nada.”

Miguel de Unamuno

“Who that doesn’t feel the urge to be more, will never become anything”

Hello and welcome to my personal website. As you may already found out, I’m Flávio Fernandes and I can say that I’m an innovation and technology addict with a special interest to solve problems.

I’m from a small town near Guimarães, Portugal. have a BSc. in Economics from Economics Faculty of Porto University and a Master’s Degree in Services Engineering and Management also from Porto University but this time from Engineering Faculty.

I’m a professional in the area of Business Intelligence and, after years as a BI Consultant and an international adventure at the Betsson Group in Malta, I moved back to Portugal and to work as Business Intelligence Specialist at Deco PROTESTE. After that, started a new position as Business Intelligence & Analytics Coordinator at the Customer Service Department of NOS.



BI Professional

Want to keep work in my area and improve as a professional. Started in a small company and now have the chance to show my skills in a larger company. I hope to be recognized as a good professional in the area.


International trainer

I want to be an International trainer because I want to help others get the knowledge to grow and develop themselves.


Travel around the world

Being part of an International organization makes us think that we can learn a lot from other countries and cultures, that’s why I dream with the possibility of traveling around the world.


Write a book

I want to write and publish a book. I believe that books are the main source of knowledge, so if I feel that what I’ve learned it’s relevant for other people, I will write a book to share my knowledge.