Check your Power BI Data

One of the biggest challenges there is while handling with a Power BI dataset is to monitor the quality of the data published for analysis. This post aims to teach a way to understand which data is available in the service and its quality. Monitoring it’s one of my golden rules to have an amazing […]

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Data Warehouse Design

Recently I’ve been thinking about my concepts of data warehouse design and if they still make sense for the market. A few months ago, I wrote some rules about what I think constitutes a good data warehouse, check them below. DATA WAREHOUSE GOAL In my opinion, all data warehouses are built to address a simple […]

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Will SSIS die?

Well, this is a hard question and, in my opinion, SSIS seems that is going that way. At least the current experience it provides will definitely die and let me explain why.

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Power Tools for Power Work

As a BI professional, I have a set of tools that I require to have installed on my computer in order to do my work properly. It can be mandatory tools because I work with Microsoft BI stack or others because I feel they are really useful for some specific task while developing, debugging or visualizing data.

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Power journey

This is a recognition post to Microsoft and a thank you because finally provided Microsoft Business Intelligence Professionals with the right tools to actually do our work.

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